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Automatic switch or mechanical automatic switch or water pump breaker is a device for turning pumps on and off automatically. The domestic water pump is turned on by this switch, which is set at the minimum set working pressure. Also, if this pump is set at the maximum working pressure, it will turn off the pump. In fact, the automatic setting of the domestic water pump determines the pump's operating time. This key is also used for the water pump.
These machines are installed in buildings with a large number of units. Its task is to measure the water line pressure of the building and prevent the pump from burning. In this way, it turns the pump off and on in a certain pressure range. In this way, it does not allow the pump to work uniformly and causes it to rest.
Operation of automatic water pressure switch
Wherever a pump is used, an automatic pressure switch should also be used. The duty of the pump is to transfer the available water to the consumer. But, besides the pump, another tool should be used to adjust the pump's performance. For example, when will the pump start working, when will the pump turn off, with what pressure will the pump pump the water, etc. They must be determined so that there is no problem in the operation of the pump.
Therefore, the main function of the automatic pressure switch is to adjust and control the behavior of the pump. Imagine that the water pump is running non-stop, or while there is no water in the water supply network, the pump will run permanently and burn out quickly. Accordingly, if it is said that the pump without an automatic switch is not particularly useful, it is not an exaggeration.​​​​​​
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