make a hole

  • Product features

  • Pulverizing the clod left over from the plowing stage

  • Eliminate weeds in agricultural land

  • Eliminate insects, mice and pests

  • Improving water penetration and reducing irrigation costs

  • Increasing the activity of beneficial microbes and soil conditioning

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A device for digging all kinds of pits and holes at low depth and in different shapes has been designed and produced. This device is available in manual and motorized models and behind a tractor.
Two-stroke engines are usually used in motorized hole diggers, and the volume of the engines of these devices is different according to the type of operation and the drills of the device. Motorized hole diggers are offered in both single and double models. The motorized hole digger has the ability to support soil and ice drills with diameters of 10 cm to 35 cm. Hole diggers are used for digging all kinds of pits, planting seedlings, planting trees and shrubs, changing soil, cultivating special seeds and many other functions.

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