Ambient water pump

  • Description
    PKM series water pump of Vulcano, Verma and Stroller brands
    PKM series pumps have a brass impeller with multiple radial blades on its edge, which is suitable for transporting clean water and non-hazardous liquids. And they are known as environmental water pumps. In addition to having a relatively simple structure, these pumps are reliable and safe, and their use is affordable.
    These pumps are widely used for domestic purposes such as supplying water from wells, increasing water pressure, etc. are used and must be installed in a covered space.
    The PKM series water pump has three models designed with different powers, which are PKM80, PKM60 and PKM100.

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Product features

1- Apartment water tank
2- Water supply from wells and water tanks
3- Pressure increase
4- Use in small industrial and mining uses
5- Use in gardens and small agricultural uses

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