Solar sludge pump

  • Description
    SPA-A series skimmer pumps are advanced models of old cast iron sewage pumps. These soles are popular because of their elegant appearance. These types of soles are known as steel body soles because of their steel bodies. SPA-A series skimmers have a double-layer seal and a semi-open impeller made of aluminum, thanks to which they can pump liquids containing solids with a diameter of up to 11 mm. They also have a long life due to the presence of a stainless steel filter, floor plate, cable plate and stainless bolts and nuts, as well as thermal protection.
    This group of floor mats is the best selling floor mats after the QDX floor mats group.
    The body of these floor mats is made of steel and their hinges are made of cast iron.

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Product features

Well water supply with solar panels

Work with a voltage of 48 volts and 12 amps

Water supply from a water well with solids of a certain diameter

Emptying the municipal sewage well

Transfer of liquid feed to aquatic animals

Use in industrial and mining purposes

Irrigation of gardens and agricultural land

Use in construction, hotel, restaurant


Maximum fluid temperature: 40 degrees Celsius

Maximum ambient temperature: 40 degrees Celsius

Pump body: steel

Shaft: Steel

Coil: copper

Contact : 02632188