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Gasoline and diesel nozzle with meter (liter meter)
The 3.4 inch gasoline nozzle is designed for the needs of today's customers. These nozzles are especially used for card systems and to prevent fuel overflow.
Its small structure, light weight and ease of use make the nozzle a product with strong performance in harsh conditions that provides reliable operation and long working life.
Technical specifications of the features of the metered gasoline and diesel nozzles:
Size 3/4 inch
ISO certified
Flow rate (fuel output): 45 liters per minute
Working pressure: 0.18Mpa
Replaceable nozzle tube: The nozzle tube can be easily removed and replaced by unscrewing a screw
Simple aluminum body: the light weight and ease of operation of the nozzle provides an attractive and suitable appearance
Selective Body Casting Process: With the high pressure casting technique, the formation of gasoline foam and the creation of static electricity can be significantly reduced.
Flow-maintaining latch: control of the fuel flow rate by the customer using the nozzle fuel flow locking latch for ease of refueling
Insulation coating: PVC coating in different colors protects the AC-11A automatic gasoline and diesel nozzle, the vehicle and the user's hand.
Has a liter meter (digital dial)​​​​​​
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