Petrol electric engine

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    An electric motor or in its usual case an electric generator refers to a device that produces electrical energy (electricity). Now this energy must be produced by means of movement. The motor in the electric motor device is responsible for the motion generator. So, in general, it can be said that the electric motor is made of two partitions: 1-motor 2-electricity generating device (generator). Therefore, various names can be given for this device, such as electric motor, electric generator, generator motor, gasoline generator, diesel generator, etc. The most accurate of which is the term electric motor. It is not without grace that this word refers to small-sized power generators up to 20 kW, and a larger-sized device that usually operates with diesel engines is called a diesel generator.

    ​​​​​​​Electric motors
    are usually divided into three categories: gasoline electric motors, gas-burning electric motors and diesel electric motors. Gasoline electric motor uses gasoline and it is usually used for household purposes and small industries where a smaller size electric motor is needed. This electric motor mostly has a longer lifespan, but diesel electric motors are mostly used in larger industries and the fuel of this type of electric motors is diesel. It should be noted that diesel electric motors usually have longer working hours than gasoline electric motors, although high-quality brands of gasoline electric motors can also work up to 12 hours.

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