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What is floor covering and how to choose

What is floor covering?
Submersible pumps are centrifugal pumps and are called submersible because they are placed in water. The pump is driven by an electric motor and increases the kinetic energy of the liquid, and with the help of propellers, the fluid circulates and thus causes the fluid to be pumped. This pump is used to pump water and clean fluids without coarse impurities such as dirt and sand.​​​​​​


A pump is used to transfer fluid from a source to a destination or to circulate fluid around a system. Pumps can be divided into three types based on the method used to move fluids:​​​​​​
Direct lift, displacement and gravity divided pumps

What is an electropump?


Replacement and repair of broken parts

Inspection of the heating system

General inspection of water pipes

Electrical panel inspection

Minor troubleshooting

Tips for buying a suitable domestic water pump