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What is a sprayer lance?
A tank that contains poison is connected to a hose that pulls the poison out of the tank, and this hose is usually connected to a device called a sprayer lance. This device is physically similar to a long rod with a handle and a lever. In fact, the reason for using a sprayer lance is that it is not possible to spray well with a hose. It is not possible to determine the amount of poison sprayed through the hose, and there is no ability to connect and disconnect the poison drawn from the tanker.
The job of the sprayer lance is to pull the poison and fertilizer through the hose and spread it. The sprayer lance is actually a kind of poison control and command. For this reason, its use is very important and without the use of a sprayer, almost 100% of the plants are destroyed. You have to use a sprayer lance in order to use the power of the sprayer engine well.
Lances can be used for any type of spraying and have no limitations in terms of application. Normally, the sprayer lance is used to spray greenhouses and gardens in certain seasons and times of the year. These lances can be used to spray other environments. Even during the outbreak of Corona, many people who wanted to disinfect the environment poured medicinal substances into tankers and spread these disinfectants around with a sprayer lance.

Different components of the sprayer lance
The sprayer lance consists of several parts and not a single rod is empty. The handle, brass base, plastic middle handle, brass tube and screw are the different parts of a spray lance. Each of these parts has a function. For example, the handle has the role of pressure regulator, and you can use the sprayer lance with one touch and adjust the intensity of the sprayed poison. The middle handle is for the person to be able to hold the sprayer well while spraying, and the screws establish a connection. The lance tube carries out the work of transferring poison or fertilizer or any other material inside the tank to the outside and directs the material to the outside.​​​​​​
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