Square and oval floater
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What is an electric floater? The switch or electric floater is an electric relay that is used to control the level of liquids that conduct electricity. The use of the breaker is done to prevent the fluid from overflowing and also its return. This work is done with the help of a hollow and light sphere, in addition to three wires. One of the wires is common and the other two are open and closed contacts. With the help of these components, the water level of the tank rises and falls, which causes the level of the filter to change. This causes the ball to move as well. This issue causes the contact built in the system to be disconnected and connected.
Use of cutter or filter
Controlling the level of liquids with a floater as well as controlling pumps in electrical devices is the main use of the switch. One of the issues that can cause serious damage to a device is running the system pump without water. In case of using Foluter, such an incident is avoided.
Also, overfilling a tank and spilling liquid from it can cause damage to the car, and in industrial environments, it may increase the probability of an accident. The use of a circuit breaker is also recommended for such conditions. In order for the device not to be empty of liquid, or not to be overfilled, the floater can add the automatic filling and emptying of the tank to the system. Directing liquids inside the device is another feature that the floater can add.
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