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A vibrator hose is used to create vibration in concrete and eliminate bubbles and voids in it. The vibrating hose is available in three general categories: mechanical, electric, and pneumatic. The mechanical type is the most common and the most common type, which is used in most small and medium-sized projects. Hoses of electric, pneumatic and converter vibrators are usually used in large projects and high-volume concreting.
As you know, the vibrator hose is used after concreting and it is available in various sizes such as 1, 1/5, 2, 2/5 and 3 inches in the market, and the price of the vibrator hose increases with the increase in size. slow
How the vibrator hose works
The vibrator hose consists of a part called the poker, which in fact receives the rotational movement that can be provided by electric, mechanical or pneumatic power and turns it into shock and vibration. The poker part is located at the head of the hose and It is the main part that is in contact with the concrete and performs the action of vibration and removing the bubbles in the concrete.
Characteristics of an ideal vibrator hose
1- High flexibility and resistance to bending and twisting
2- High resistance to pressure, wear and tear
3- Proportional relationship between vibration amplitude and frequency and number of blows to create concrete with appropriate density
4- Easy maintenance and lubrication of the internal parts of the hose
Applications of vibrator hose
1- Creating vibration in concrete and eliminating the voids in it
2- Removing excess water from concrete and thus creating materials with high strength and density
3- For small and medium-sized construction projects
4- Concreting in large volumes and with high quality, such as airports, railways, huge commercial projects, dam construction, etc.
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