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One of the most important parts of the sprayer is the hose. High pressure sprayer hose is made of reinforced PVC material. In fact, in terms of flexibility, this type of hose was very flexible and light and has high resistance to chemicals. Ideal for use with agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, water or compressed air. These hoses are produced in different diameters and lengths. The agricultural sprayer hose is one of the products that help the agricultural industry and farmers to destroy pests.

Sprayer hose purchase guide: material and application
The material of the sprayer hoses and the quality of this product are very important. Hoses are used to transport agricultural toxins and since these toxins are very dangerous and deadly to health, the hoses must be of high quality and prevent the toxins from leaking out.
Sprayer hoses have a very high resistance, and due to their strength and very resistant material, they can be used in many cases, including spraying in fields and greenhouses and gardens, washing warehouses and large sheds, using in various industries, shipping and diving, using in Mines and many other things are used like this.
Spraying hoses have different features and specifications and have many different applications. Usually, these hoses are made of several strong layers so that they do not get damaged against very high pressures.
The most important features of the sprayer hose
High flexibility of hoses: Due to the use in large areas, these hoses must have high flexibility so that they can be used easily and do not create pressure for the operator.
Service life of sprayer hose: These hoses have high quality and more service life than normal hoses.
Resistant to tearing: Since these hoses are used to transport various poisons, their high resistance is very important. If it is torn, the poisons in it will harm people.
High resistance to acids: Another important feature of these hoses is their high resistance to various acids, oil and thinner.
Ability to transfer chemicals and solvents
Tolerating high working pressure: the usage rate of these hoses is high and they are used more than 20 to 140 times.
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