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Canvas water hose
Canvas water hoses are used to transfer water in high volumes and higher pressures. One of these hoses is used for fire extinguishing, which directs water with high pressure to distant areas. Canvas hoses usually have a thin layer with a diameter of 2 inches, which is covered with a perlon yarn coating.
The function of the perlon coating of these hoses is to increase the resistance against high water pressure. Also, it increases the resistance against environmental and physical factors such as being dragged on the ground and cuts in contact with small objects.
What is a canvas water hose?
A fire hose is a high pressure hose used to deliver water or fire retardant to a fire. Fire hoses can be connected to a fire engine or a fire hydrant and withstand pressures between 800 and 2000 kPa. It is important to dry fire hoses after use because water left in a hose can cause damage. Fire hoses carry more water at low temperatures. If the hose has a smaller diameter, it needs more pressure. The most important factor in determining the efficiency of the canvas water hose is the diameter of the hose.​​​​​​
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