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ModelSizeMaximum pressure
CV0.5 ۱/۲″ 12 Bar
CV0.75 ۳/۴″ 12 Bar
What is a one-way valve?
A one-way valve, as its name suggests, is a device that allows fluids to move in only one direction and prevents their reverse flow in the pipeline.
This valve is one of the parts that works automatically, that is, there is no valve-like handle outside to open and close the valve.
Uses of one-way valves
One-way valves can be used in any part of the building's mechanical installations, such as the domestic water pump or outside the building in the sewage piping system.
This valve has many fields of productivity, including industries related to liquids such as water and sewage piping systems, various types of water pumps, water meters, air pumps, heating equipment such as packages and water heaters, and even in gas-related equipment. And water vapor, control set, air conditioner one-way valve and gas one-way valve also mentioned
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