One-way valve
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ModellengthMaximum pressure
PG-45 5 cm 4 Bar
PG-46 6 cm 4 Bar
Filtered brass valve
The strained brass valve works like a spring-loaded one-way valve, with the difference that a mesh protector is installed in the valve, which solidifies the possibility of passing sand and suspended particles when it is turned back. This valve is used in cases such as transferring water from a well. The passage of fluid in this valve is only possible from one side, which prevents the return flow.
The brass valve operates only with fluid pressure and does not have any type of control device outside its body. The valve opens by applying pressure and closes when the pressure is removed by the action of the valve spring. For this reason, this product is also called automatic milk.

The application of the strainer brass valve
This valve is usually placed at the entrance of the pump or well. Urban water supply networks, heating and refrigeration facilities, building pipelines and pneumatic systems are highly susceptible to the entry of fine particles, soil and sand into sensitive systems.
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