Gasoline tiller
  • Product features

  • Pulverizing the clod left over from the plowing stage

  • Eliminate weeds in agricultural land

  • Eliminate insects, mice and pests

  • Improving water penetration and reducing irrigation costs

  • Increasing the activity of beneficial microbes and soil conditioning

خانه / محصولات / موتوری/تیلر /تیلر بنزینی

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A cultivator is a device for doing agricultural and garden work, which is suitable for plowing large and hard agricultural lands. The cultivator is also known as a hand tiller or a mini tiller. Gasoline type is used for small plots. This device is available in different models and powers. Its gasoline type is available from 1.1 to 6 horses. The cultivator has great power, high working efficiency and easy transportation, and it has different power and quality by installing different types of engines and gearboxes.

Verma and Vulcano brand

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